• General KENO Strategy

    The most important part of keno strategy for a player is to analyze the payout tables and choose a game with a payout table that fits with his temperament. This perhaps is not possible in land based games because casino hopping is impractical. However it is very easily done for online keno players https://www.nr-challenges.org/. There are two types of keno payout tables. One offers conservative payouts. For 15 numbers marked this table starts paying out with 3 matches. Hence it is likely that players will get back something, even if less than the amount wagered. But the big payouts for 15 matches are limited in such tables to about 10,000 times. The volatile tables offer a payout of 100,000 times for 15 out of 15 matches but do not pay anything for five or less matches. In online casinos conservative tables operate with about 5% house edge whereas the volatile tables are known to have a house edge of over 15%.

    As mentioned earlier, there are different payout tables for different number of spots initially marked. This implies that that house edges are also different. In conservative tables the house edge is around 7% for 3 numbers marked and around 5% for 15 numbers marked. Usually the house edge is minimum at about 3.5% for 13 numbers marked. Hence it is a good idea to mark 13 numbers on the ticket.

    Players should also keep in mind that almost all keno games, whether land based or online, put a cap on the maximum payout. What happens, particularly in volatile tables, is that players will not be able to realize the full value of the largest payouts for the largest wagers. The maximum matches are rarely realized and for the more frequently occurring matches the payout limit will not come into play. But players who may feel short changed because of this limit should restrict their bet amounts accordingly.